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wholesale lunch cooler backpack - tygdgg881 - 03-12-2019

Packaging Details:
1pcs/poly bag
MEAS: 17" W x 15" H x 29" L
Or package as customized requests
Delivery Detail:
Product Description
•Waterproof Durable 16-Can Backpack Picnic Cooler with pockets
•16 Can Capacity Cooler
•Durable 600D Material
•Adjustable Padded Backpack Straps
•Carry Handle
•Zippered Top Flap Pocket
•Watertight Main Compartment with Heat Sealed PEVA Lining
•2 Side Zippered Pockets
•Mesh Front Pocket
•All specifications include design, size, material, color, logo, etc, could be produced as customized requests while production
Material:600D Poly with PEVA insulated lining
Product Size:12" W x 15 3/16" H x 5 1/8" D
Logo:Screen print / heat transfer print/ Sublimation / pvc logo patch / Embroidery
Feature:Insulated backpack
Color: Conventional colors could be choiced, or customize as PMS code
New EU/prop65:Available
FunctionTongueromotional gifts, retail, picnic, sport, trade show, etc.
wholesale lunch cooler backpack

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RE: wholesale lunch cooler backpack - Charlesmoive - 03-13-2019

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RE: wholesale lunch cooler backpack - varlough - 04-10-2019