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Dmx Controller quotation - tygdgg881 - 03-12-2019

Model Number: pearl 2010
pearl 2010 dmx lighting controller

2048 DMX channels
DMX512/1990 Standard
Controls 240 intelligent Fixtures
240 Dimmer Control Channels.
Removable external Memory Stick.
6 Programmable chases of 240 scenes
Cache the entire Fixture library of more than 3,000 files
Improved method of Fixture selection for Patching
Fixture Selects (selecting the top row of faders)
Theatrical Plotting and Playback functions.
Shape Generator for instant creation of patterns and effects.
MIDI and Bass, Mid, Treble sound to light triggers.
Reversible DMX channels allows fixture to react opposite to others in a chase
15 Playback Masters controlling 450 memories, chases or cue lists.
Built-in microphone for music triggering
Midi control over banks, chases, and blackout  
Green switch power supply installed internally with high performance Applicable voltage scope: 90 to 250V
4-output interface with optical isolation can withstand 2000 Vrms
320×240 pixels big screen displays all operations, changes and outputs
USB memory can save the data in live effectivelyDmx Controller quotation