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Is the housing market like stocks? When do you think prices fall again?

Is the housing market actually cyclical, or is it like the stock market where everything is already "priced in" and will stay that way until there's no information?

I want to hear from more experienced older folk who've seen how the housing market has gone. Does it go up and down regularly or does it look like the upwards trajectory is permanent? How long is a cycle usually, if there is one?

We're patient to buy and want to wait until prices dip or valley again. There's no rush. We're in the LA/Orange County area.


Just some more info, we're happy with our apartment lifestyle. The idea of buying a house is that we figure if the total monthly payment is near our rent, we might as well put money into an appreciating asset that may recoup the monthly costs when we sell someday, instead of rent money which is thrown away each month.

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